Why Does My Home Need Gutters?

Gutters Protect Your Home From Roof to Foundation

Gutters and Downspouts are silent workhorses that protect your home from decay, rot and structural compromise. Often times the astute homeowner will discover the need for gutters immediately during or after a rainstorm—wet basement, wet crawl space, pooled water at the outside wall of the home…

More often however, the damage caused to a home by the absence of gutters and downspouts is slow and steady erosion that happens over time. And then one day the homeowner is shocked to discover serious damage. Uncontrolled backsplash as well as pooled water slowly can cause damage to windows, walls and foundation—stained and rotted siding, damaged paint and rotted windows. In severe cases this kind of erosion can even cause structural compromise to the foundation.

Will the gutters leak?

No More Leaky Gutters — Leaking gutters are usually one of the most common problems that arise from the many joints that occur when stick gutters have been installed on a home. Stick (or stock) gutters come in many different lengths which means that many joints are needed. Our industrial fabricating equipment allows us to create seamless gutters systems for homeowner at their location. No joints means no leaks.

Will leaves ever build up in the gutter?

Best to Cover Gutters — In order to avoid your gutters from filling with leaves, twigs, nests, and debris, you must have gutter covers. Once the gutters fill, then they become useless. Continue reading…

Why do I need gutter toppers/covers?

No More Plugged Gutters — When rainwater is unable to rapidly exit through downspouts the overflow can cause the same problems that the gutters themselves were originally created to solve. It is important that gutters be regularly cleared of debris and cleaned. That task is not always achievable. No matter what one’s age—or lifestyle, getting up on a ladder a few times a year to clean gutters is inconvenient, messy, and often unsafe. For some homeowners, due to the design of their home, gutter cleaning is also expensive since professionals have to be called in to accomplish this task several times a year.

Why should I consult with an expert?

With each and every application it is important that a homeowner consult with an experienced expert gutter and downspout professional. Your home should be inspected to determine if there are special problem areas that need solution, repair, and product application that will prevent future damage. An expert will be able to advise on products, materials and applications that are best suited for each home.

Determining Gutter Solutions is Essential for your Home’s Future Integrity. An expert will also determine the size of gutter that is most suited for your home. Size is generally determined by the square footage of the roof and roof pitch. In older home applications this inspection is essential. Discovering current water damage issues is important both so that repairs can be accomplished, but also to make certain that future water problems are avoided with correct and customized application and installation of gutters, backsplashes, and downspouts.