Minnesota Roof Snow Removal

A Minnesota Home having the Snow Removed from the Roof.Living in Minnesota we are very familiar with winter snow storms and heavy snowfall, and do we do get hit with some nasty snowstorms! There is never a doubt that homeowners will need to deal with snow and ice during the winter months.

Snow, especially wet snow, can be extremely heavy if it is allowed to sit for too long on your roof. Snow melts and turns to ice. When additional snow falls it repeats the process, adding additional weight to your roof. Excess weight on your roof can cause leaks and even cause parts of the roof to collapse.

Ice & Snow = Extra Weight on Your Roof

As a rule of thumb, one square-foot of snow that’s one-inch in depth weighs about a pound. If your roof has 12 inches of snow on it, that could easily amount to thousands of pounds of stress on your roof. That’s not even counting the weight of any ice dams that may form as a result of leaving the snow on your roof; just one cubic foot of ice weighs 57 pounds, and a typical ice dam can weigh thousands of pounds. Minimizing the stress placed on your roof is a great way to minimize the risk of leaking and roof cave-ins (the latter of which occur more frequently than you might think).

Ice dams can’t form without snow. If you’re able to prevent ice dams, you’re far more likely to prevent your roof from leaking and damaging the inside of your home.

Removing snow from your roof can also minimize the damage to your soffit, fascia and gutter systems from the freeze thaw cycle that continues throughout the winter.

Let the Professional Roof Snow Removal Experts Handle It

It goes without saying that do-it-yourself removal can be dangerous when it involves ladders, heavy ice, and slippery roofs. You may remove the snow yourself or hire a snow removal company. The cost of hiring a company to handle your roof snow removal far outweighs the consequences of having a collapsed, leaky roof or falling off a roof. Either way, it’s important to address the problem right away before the stress of the weight causes structural damage.

Minnesota Leafless Gutters knows how to tackle a Minnesota winter. We have proudly served homeowners in the St. Paul, Minneapolis, and throughout Minnesota for over 18 years. If you decide to have a professional remove the snow from your roof, please call us today at 612-221-0362 to assist you!