Minnesota Ice Dam Removal

Ice Dam Being Removed from a Minnesota RoofIce dams – or ice buildup on roof eaves – are all too obvious and all too familiar to Minnesota homeowners.

For an ice dam problem to occur there has to be a specific range of snowfall with cold temperature conditions. Three things are required for an ice dam to form: snow, heat to melt the snow, and cold to refreeze the melted snow into solid ice. Ice dams can form when as little as 1 or 2 inches of snow accumulates on a roof.

Ice Dam Buildup MN

When snow accumulates on a roof, a cycle of melting and refreezing occurs. In a perfect world, the snow would melt off the roof, enter the gutters, and flow harmlessly to the ground. However, several key factors can interact to cause problems: the outside air temperature and the temperature of the inside of your attic.

The warmer your attic is, the more melting will occur. Normally, the resulting water would flow off the edge of the roof. Under certain conditions, though, when outside air temperature is very low, the edge of the roof stays below freezing and the water refreezes when it gets to that point. This ice then forms a line, or “dam,” at the edge of the roof. As more snow melts, it also refreezes when it gets to the “ice dam,” and the dam keeps getting bigger.

Ice Dam Damages

Once this dam gets large enough, the melted snow that pools up behind it can force its way back under the roof shingles and then leak into your home!

Contrary to popular belief, gutters do not cause ice dams. However, gutters do help to concentrate ice and water in the very vulnerable area at the edge of the roof. As gutters fill with ice, they often bend and rip away from the house, bringing fascia, fasteners, and downspouts in tow.

Ice dams tend to be most problematic in areas where January temperatures average 35°F (2°C) or where the mean average total snowfall is 6 to 8 inches. Ice dams are also more likely to occur in heavily treed areas, which do not benefit from the snow-clearing affect of prevailing winds.

The worst of all solutions is shoveling snow and chipping ice from the edge of the roof. People attack mounds of snow and roof ice with hammers, shovels, ice picks, homemade snow rakes, crowbars, and chain saws! The idea is obvious. No snow or ice, no leaking water. Unfortunately, this method threatens life, limb, and roof.

The major factor with ice dams is time. If you ignore the problem it will only lead to bigger problems.

Let the Professional Ice Dam Removal Specialists Handle It!

Ice dam removal is highly recommended to be done by a professional contractor: NEVER attempt to go up on an icy or snowy roof. DO NOT attempt to remove ice dams unless you have experience doing so and know exactly what to do. You could seriously injure yourself if you are not skilled at removing ice dams. You can also damage your roof and possibly have some structure damage if you are inexperienced in this type of work.

Protect your roof and home with snow and ice dam removal from Minnesota Leafless Gutters, proudly serving homeowners in the St. Paul, Minneapolis, and throughout Minnesota for over 18 years. We have a large portfolio of reviews and endorsements from happy and satisfied customers as well as pictures of many homes that we have been privileged to work with.

We use a steam machine to remove your ice dam; it is the most safe and efficient way to perform this service and not cause serious damage to your roof. Call us today at 612-221-0362 and talk to one our professionals about your Ice Dam removal needs!