A Better Way To Deal With Clogged Gutters In St PaulYou’re likely looking at this blog topic because you are tired of cleaning your gutters the traditional way: up and down an extension ladder, moving the ladder around the roofline of your home, hauling tools and possibly a bucket around, hurting your hands on the edges of the shingles. Ugh! Who wants to have this chore sometimes twice or more a year?!? It’s not fun and it’s not safe, and in is not necessary!

It is a fact that a single rainstorm can exert around 1000 extra pounds of pressure on a roof and gutters are responsible for handling and displacing around 600 pounds of this pressure. Wet snowfall sitting on a rooftop adds about 20 pounds of excess weight per square foot of space. This doesn’t even begin to factor in the weight of ice! So how can you protect your investment this season?

Clogged Gutters And Its Effect On Your Gutter System

Allowing twigs, leaves, and dirt to accumulate may cause your gutter to rust out or develop a hole. Without treating these holes as they appear, gutters may need to be replaced within five years. An aluminum gutter (a popular choice for home gutters), when properly cared for, can last up to twenty years.

Fixing Clogged Gutters At Your Own Risk

Clogs can cause hidden damage, requiring professional repairs, but because you may have to use a ladder to reach a clog safely, clearing a clog can be risky. Consider calling a professional before a fall from a ladder sends you to the emergency room. Professionals have special equipment to clear clogs, such as special ladder extensions or a bucket lift that allows them to reach a roof gutter. The level of difficulty in clearing a clog will depend on roof pitch and shape as well as the grade of the ground underneath. Generally, a standard ladder can reach first or second-story gutters. Single-story ranch homes may be easier for professionals to reach and clean because they are low-pitched, while cape-cod style homes may present the most challenges because they tend to have steeper pitched roofs.

Do-It-Yourself Repairs Can Be Dangerous

It goes without saying that do-it-yourself repairs can be dangerous when it involves ladders and slippery roofs. A professional can easily repair warped guttering and perform cleaning on clogged guttering on a regular basis. It is best to have a professional check and recommend needed repairs to leaking sections or replacement of old gutters before clogs occur. It is better to be proactive and it may save many homeowners from expensive home repairs in the future. The cost of hiring a company to handle clogs and gutter repair far outweighs the consequences of having a leaky roof or failed gutter systems.

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