Aluminum vs. Copper GuttersHave you ever wondered, “What Is the difference between aluminum and copper gutters?” Both aluminum and copper do a great job of protecting your house from rain and snow. However, aluminum and copper have different pros and cons. If you are unsure about which one is the best for you, read further, as we explain the differences between the two.

Aluminum Gutter Pros

The most popular rain gutter material is aluminum. If you want protection that is dependable and reasonably priced, aluminum gutters are your best options. Compared to copper gutters, aluminum gutters are inexpensive, possibly saving you thousands of dollars. Aluminum gutters are lightweight, easy to install, and are covered with an exterior enamel that protects against rust, so they come in many different colors.

Aluminum Gutter Cons

Aluminum has a downside, though. They tend to rust faster than copper gutters, especially if you don’t take care of the enamel layer. Consistently high temperatures or major temperature fluctuations can also be harmful to aluminum gutters. In the end, they simply do not last as long as copper gutters.

Copper Gutter Pros

Copper gutters are known for adding style to your home, as they are quite a bit more decorative than aluminum gutters. Copper has a beautiful finish that adds dramatic flair and beauty to your house. Copper does not rust as easily as aluminum, nor does it crack or wear out as fast. Well-maintained copper gutters can last up to 50 years without needing to be replaced or repaired.

Copper Gutter Cons

Copper gutters do have drawbacks, namely the cost. Copper gutter systems will have to be tailor-made/custom for your house. You will have to find a knowledgeable installer who has worked with copper before. Copper costs nearly twice that of aluminum. Keep in mind that, while installing copper gutters, you will also need all copper materials (fasteners, nails, fittings, etc.). Using other materials (such as aluminum) will corrode the copper. Copper is a more difficult material to work with than aluminum (more soldering at joints), so expect higher installation costs and plan for a longer installation time frame.

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