Benefits Of Galvanized Steel GuttersSince they’re constantly collecting water in their troughs, guttering systems can be especially vulnerable to water damage, most often in the form of rust. Particularly in areas known for their extreme precipitation, aluminum drainage systems can become impaired within just a few years of installation. Therefore, it’s wise to invest in galvanized metals.

Galvanized steel goes through a chemical process that layers steel with zinc oxides. When steel is submerged in melted zinc, a chemical reaction permanently bonds the zinc to the steel. The most external layer is all zinc, and other layers are a mixture of zinc and iron, with an interior of pure steel. This process is known as hot dipped galvanization. Overtime, galvanized steel does not form a patina, and, because of this, its shine remains.
The benefits of galvanized steel:

● Resistant to rust – iron, which is a major component of steel, reacts very easily with oxygen s well as moisture and will eventually disintegrate. The layer of zinc on the surface prevents the elements from reaching the steel so quickly.
● Resists corroding
● Scratch resistant
● Thermal warping does not occur
● Easier to clean – Chlorine-based bleaches can destroy the oxide layer on stainless steel, but not galvanized steel.
● Durability & lifespan – typically can last up to 15 years (if they are well maintained)
● Durability wise, galvanized steel is the strongest material on the market for gutters.
● Shiny silver look
● Lowest cost specialty gutter material to install

Why Install Galvanized Steel Gutters?

Because of these benefits, galvanized gutters can better resist water, and weather, as well as physical damage. They can be painted over to meet style preferences. This will also help to further increase protection against the elements. Because galvanized steel does not patina overtime, many homeowners prefer it. The unique mill finish of galvanized gutters often compliments contemporary and modern style homes. In addition, it adds a beautiful rustic look to barns and farm homes.

If you aren’t sure how well your existing gutters will do once snow and ice hit the Woodbury & St. Paul, MN area, it may be time for you to call the gutter professionals. As a steel gutter installer, our team at Minnesota Leafless Gutters is eager to provide you with affordable and long-lasting steel gutter options for your home. To request a free estimate today, give us a call at (612) 221-0362 or email