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Copper gutters in Minnesota have grown in popularity because homeowners want that durability.  They also want the look that unique and elegant look that copper gutters give.  For instance, after about 4 to 5 years the gutters will start to turn a greenish color.  This is called the patina process. The copper oxidizes and turns green.

Copper is also the best quality metal that can be used—it is the most durable and the longest lasting material available for gutters.

Have you ever wondered why copper does copper turn green?  When left outdoors to the elements, copper transforms from a bright, shiny new penny shade, to a burnished brown, and finally to a distinct green color and makes it such a great choices for products such as copper gutters.

This unique characteristic of copper is completely natural and is often referred to as the “patina” – which referrers to the way copper changes color and turns green as it ages.  This natural process actually preserves the copper and protects it from the outside elements.

Over time copper will naturally change colors – transforming from a shiny brown color to darker browns, then blues and finally greens after a number of years.  When exposed to the natural elements such as wind and rain, copper develops this “patina” which actually protects and preserves the metal underneath.

Natural Oxidation

Just like rust develops on iron, patina develops on copper when the copper sulphate on the surface interacts with oxygen in the environment.  Importantly, unlike rust which corrodes iron, patina actually protects and preserves the copper underneath.

Patina Process For Your Copper Gutters

The natural weathering cycle of copper is illustrated by the 12 sequential color plates in the Weathering Chart here:





25-30 YEARS

Natural Weathering Color Chart

Can the naturally occurring green patina of copper be accelerated by artificial chemicals?

Due to the precise temperature, humidity and chemical requirements, it is generally not recommended that copper be artificially patinated in the field. However, there are field applied prepatination systems that, with proper training, have proven successful. The patina is produced using patented chemical processes that result in patina chemical conversion coatings that carry extensive warranties.

How can the original copper color be protected from weathering after installation?

There is no permanent protection system that will protect copper from weathering. There are clear coatings that will provide short-term protection for exterior applications and longer-term protection for interior applications.

What makes a copper home so attractive, elegant and Eco-friendly?

  • Copper is Man’s Oldest Known Metal and a Noble Metal
  • Copper is Extremely Durable and will Last a Lifetime
  • Copper is Green, Sustainable and has 100% Recyclability
  • Copper has been Mined only to 12% of Available Resources
  • Copper Architecture Requires Little to no Maintenance
  • Copper Resists Fire, Corrosion and Weathers Extremely Well
  • Copper is Environmentally Safe, Green and Eco-friendly
  • Copper is Attractive New yet Ages and Weathers Beautifully
  • Copper Will Evolve with You as You Journey Through Life
  • Copper Building and Construction Exist Since Early Civilization
  • Copper Consistently Meets or Exceeds All Expectations
  • Copper is Proven Germicidal, Antibacterial and Fungicidal
  • Copper is Approved by the Epa as an Antimicrobial Agent
  • Copper Has Superior Thermal and Electrical Conductivity

The only disadvantage to copper gutters is initially more costly than steel or aluminum.

OK, it’s time to buy.  What to do?  Above all, think about warranties and who will install your gutters.  Look for a Minnesota utter contractor and an installer who will be around if a problem occurs.  Protect the value of your house with a long-lasting professional installation.

Have Your Neighbors Green With Envy!

Copper gutters and downspouts take the ordinary looking gutter and turn them into a stunning architectural enhancement.   And with every year your copper gutters will reach a new level of patina adding a look of elegance and class that will have your friends and neighbors green with envy!

Find out if COPPER Gutters, Downspouts, and Gutter Covers may be the right choice for your home!

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