Signs Your Gutters Need ReplacingThere can be a whole host of reasons why your home may have inadequate gutters. Age, damage, improper installation, and at times we provide estimates for homes that have significantly undersized gutter systems. In this blog we’ll outline a few of the signs that your gutters may not be sized properly, or that they simply need to be replaced.

Top 5 Signs Your Gutters Need Replacing

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  • Water pouring over your gutters during a heavy rain – It’s always a good idea to take a look at your gutters during a heavy rainstorm. If you notice rain pouring over your gutters, it could be because your gutters need to be cleaned, they’re damaged, or that they’re not sized adequately for your home.
  • Leaks at gutter seams – Another key sign that your gutters need to be replaced are leaks in the seams of your gutters. Today’s gutter systems are typically seamless which prevents leaks from occurring at the seams, but older gutter systems relied on seams to connect long runs of gutter material.
  • Exposure or rotting where gutters connect to home – If you notice that any wood behind your gutters is exposed, damaged, or rotten it could be a sign that your gutters are not performing adequately. Left unchecked rotten fascia and soffit can cause big problems for your home. Be sure to address the rotten wood as soon as possible, but also the cause of the problem, which could be how your gutters were attached to your home.
  • Signs of mildew along your foundation – If you notice mildew or mold along the foundation of your home, it could be due to damaged gutters. Gutters and downspouts are meant to funnel water several feet away from your foundation, and if this isn’t happening it likely has to do with your gutters or how your downspouts are piped.
  • Sagging or warping – Properly functioning gutters must stay close to the roof of your home. If you notice your gutters sagging or warping, chances are they’re not doing their job properly. This issue can be due to a variety of issues such as broken fasteners, constant clogs, or age. Once a gutter becomes warped, the only likely solution is gutter replacement.

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