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Not only is gutter cleaning a dirty, smelly job (it’s true, the soggy, decomposing foliage makes for a less than pleasant aroma), cleaning gutters is one of the most dangerous household chores typically done by the average homeowner. And while it can be quite a factor to reckon with, it’s not the smelly debris that presents risk. The dangerous part is working with the ladder.

Gutter Covers Eliminate The Hassle and Danger Of Cleaning Gutters

If you still putting up with all the hassle and risk of cleaning your home’s gutters, it is time to seriously consider the maintenance and injury-free convenience offered by professionally installed gutter covers.

Did You Know?

Would you be surprised to know that according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission(1), there are more than 164,000 ladder-related injuries treated in the nation’s emergency rooms each and every year? And when reality strikes, it’s safe to assume that at least as many less-severe injuries occur because of ladder-related accidents each year too.

Not completely convinced? According to, ladder accidents can cause significant problems even for those who are extremely careful:

  • Representing 31.5% of all ladder injuries, fractures are the most common injury type resulting from ladder accidents
  • 30.4% of ladder injuries occur to the legs and feet
  • 8.5% of ladder injury victims ended up needing hospitalization
  • During the period of years from 1990 to 2005, injuries related to ladders rose more than 50%
  • And this is perhaps the most shocking statistic of all: 97.3% of measured ladder injuries happened in a non-occupational setting

The bottom line is clear. Ladders are dangerous…especially for those who do not use them frequently. Why take the chances when gutter covers can protect your gutters?

Gutter Covers Eliminate The Need For Maintenance

Of course, there are several alternatives to cleaning gutters yourself. Some homeowners choose to hire a maintenance person to take care of the dirty job for them. However, this really isn’t the most ideal solution either due to the significant liability issues that are introduced and the ongoing cost factor of paying someone to clean gutters every month or two.

Fortunately, there is an effective and affordable solution available to every homeowner who wants to eliminate gutter problems and all of the injury-prone maintenance that goes along with the territory. More and more homeowners are deciding to make their homes’ gutters completely maintenance-free by having gutter covers professionally installed by a Minnesota Gutter Contractor.

  • Gutter covers are maintenance-free
  • They keep clogging foliage, ice, and other gutter problems at bay
  • Gutter covers are remarkably affordable
  • Clean gutters prevent water damage to your house

Eliminate The Dangers of Cleaning Your Gutters With Gutter Covers

Enough is enough—there’s no need to put your life in your own hands again and again with each rung of the ladder you climb. This is especially true knowing that there is such a practical and effective solution to eliminating the gutter maintenance altogether, thanks to the protection from debris, ice, and “tree sludge” offered by gutter covers.

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The Best Way To Keep Your Gutters Clean Is To Never Let Them Get Dirty In The First Place With Gutter Covers!

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