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Gutter Guards Make Cleaning Your Gutters a Thing of the Past

Water is one of the most destructive forces your home faces therefore keeping water away from your home is imperative, water must be able to run off the roof into the rain troughs through your downspouts and either into the sewer system or routed out to the ground by a method that allows for proper drainage.  Otherwise serious damage can occur which can lead to thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses, some of which include: replacing rotted siding and roof overhangs, replacing eroded landscaping and the most expensive repair of all… basement waterproofing.

By channeling rainwater and directing it away from a building, a gutter prevents structural damage. Most buildings wouldn’t stand very long if water were allowed to pour over the edges of the roof. Constant exposure to moisture and dripping can over time weaken the walls in a building, or in some cases can cause damage to the foundation of a structure.

Homes without gutters or with poorly built downspouts often suffer from compromised foundations. A ruined foundation will severely reduce the resell value of your home and fixing it will cost thousands of dollars. In fact what most people don’t realize is that a poorly installed gutter system is worse for your home then not having anything at all. That is because a poorly installed system has leaks that will again ruin the framework of your home.

Also another issue is that improperly placed downspouts don’t do enough to guide the water away from your home and some cases cause the water to pool close to the foundation again leading to problems.

Some of the newer systems that have been created in order to combat those problems and make installation and maintenance easier include seamless” gutters and gutter guards.

Aluminum has become a popular choice due to cost and the fact that is can be made from post-consumer and recycled material. It is not always the right choice for northern climates.

Steel is a good choice for gutter in northern states with snow and ice conditions as steel gutters can bear a much heavier load than aluminum.

By using seamless gutters, the contractor can make your gutters right on the spot. By pressing aluminum stock through a gutter machine, the shape and size is consistent and made to a perfect seamless length. Water is a very persistent element and seams just give it a way into your home. Another way of ensuring your gutters work to their best is to install gutter guards. No longer will you need to spend hours perched on a latter pulling grimy muck out of your gutters. Gutter guards make cleaning gutters a thing of the past.

Guttering and downspouts may not be exciting to think about, but when you realize how much money they can save you, you realize they deserve careful consideration.

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