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When people think about their homes, they often do not realize what a huge impact gutters can have on the physical condition of the home.  If your rain gutters and downspouts are working properly they will prevent roof and fascia board damage as well as prevent basement flooding by re-routing water a safe distance away from your foundation. But left to their own, rain gutters can clog, grow weeds and fungus, and overflow causing all sorts of problems for homeowners.

Gutter Guards Are A Wise Investment

Thinking about the possibility of installing a gutter guard system on your home’s existing gutters? It’s a wise choice indeed, and here are some very convincing reasons why:

  • Gutter guards enable a significant reduction in maintenance. By keeping debris from building up in your home’s gutters and downspouts in the first place, you’ll barely ever need to clean the gutters—and occasional gutter maintenance after installing gutter covers is usually as simple as giving them a good hosing down every so often.
  • You’ll be much less prone to injury. Cleaning gutters presents a good deal of risk to your health—there’s all the up and down on the ladders, and of course, hanging halfway off the edge of the roof to scoop all of the gunk out…Yuck! Gutter guards significantly reduce the need to expose yourself to the dangers.
  • Gutter guards add value to your home. Some of the most attractive value-producing selling points revolve around maintenance reduction home improvements. No one likes to clean gutters—making this one improvement that everyone can appreciate.
  • Properly functioning gutter systems will help keep your basement dry. It simple—when gutters and downspouts become clogged, the water instead finds its way down to your home’s foundation. You can guess where it will go from there!
  • Gutter covers can help with ice damming problems. If you’ve had problems with ice dams on your home’s roof before, you’ve probably noticed the damaging results the condition can cause. A leaf guard works to significantly reduce the ability for ice to build up in gutters, which ultimately leads to ice dams.
  • Clean, properly-functioning gutters are much less likely to encourage mold or mildew growth. Think about it—when gutters become clogged, even if they do still enable some degree of water flow, the debris will still stay moist. Continuously damp conditions do tend to promote undesirable growth.
  • Clogged gutters can become a breeding ground for pests! Standing pools of water—a common occurrence in clogged gutter systems—definitely make a perfect home for mosquitoes and other insects that you just don’t want around. With the ongoing West Nile disease that’s being spread and transferred by mosquitoes, it’s just not worth the risk.
  • With efficiently-functioning gutters and a little bit of ingenuity, you could even set up rain barrels for a rainwater harvesting system and do the green thing by reusing the water to water your landscaping, gardens, and flowers. This would naturally be most effective when gutters don’t become frequently jammed up with debris.
  • Non-maintained, non-protected gutters will eventually rot. Gutters are expensive—why would you want to let them deteriorate until the point that they need to be completely replaced? Even aluminum gutters will develop corrosion, and eventually holes, when they’re perpetually full.
  • Leaky and overflowing gutters can cause all kinds of trouble between the exterior and interior walls of your home. Uncontrolled water will find its way into the walls, gradually causing substantial damage to siding and even brick masonry. Don’t let it happen to your home—take proactive measures today by installing effective gutter guards!

Make Your Minnesota Home Leaf Free

Wouldn’t you agree that having a Minnesota Contractor install gutter guards is probably one of the most effective home improvements that can be made?

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