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A standard rain gutter is designed to direct rain water from your roof. This helps keep water away from the walls of your house which can cause rot and other problems. Leaves fall from overhanging trees or they simply get blown onto your roof from neighboring areas. When it rains, the leaves slip down into your gutters.

Among the most common problems caused by leaf-stuffed gutters is added stress to your house or building. In addition to the added weight of the water-logged leaves, the extra debris inside the gutter system means that water is no longer free to be drained off your roof. With nowhere else to go, the water drains directly into your walls causing cracks and leaks as well as damage to the inside of your walls and your building. In time, this damage can lead to moldy walls and cracked foundations.

While you can just clean the leaves out yourself, you’d spend a lot of time constantly climbing up your roof. Since leaves don’t just fall off trees in the fall but also during rain storms or high winds, many leaves end up on your roof.

In addition, many people don’t really have the right kind of equipment necessary to be spending hours on a worn-out, rickety ladder trying to free up a clogged gutter. And accidents are quite prevalent in these circumstances when they can be avoided. Thankfully, there is a leaf proof gutter system that can make your life much easier.

How Do Gutter Guards Stop Clogged Gutters?

Through the physical property of surface tension.

Surface tension is the tendency of liquid molecules to stick to each other. This causes water to cling when it spills down the outside of a glass. Try it in your kitchen sink. Take any glass, turn it on its side and put it under the faucet. Now turn the water on. No matter how fast the water flows from the faucet, nearly all of it clings to the sides and bottom of the glass.

Gutter Guards innovative design relies on the physical law of surface tension. Improvements in the design process offer greater surface tension than ever before.

With Gutter Guards, the leaves, branches and small debris that around your home do not form clogs or clogged gutters. Surface tension sweeps all of that extra debris over the side of your gutters, where it falls harmlessly to the ground. Only rainwater enters your gutters, preventing clogged gutters and clogged downspouts before they damage your fascia, roofline and even your home’s walls.

Thanks to surface tension, you’ll never have to worry about clogged gutters ever again.

Minnesota Leafless Gutters Services

Looking for a reliable contractor to install a Leafless Seamless Gutter System? A professional gutter and downspout installers will inspect your home and determine how to best protect your home. They will show you gutter size and style most suited for your home, and the various types of materials and colors that are available as well.

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