Minnesota Gutter Guards MN

Many folks have looked at all sorts of “magic” gutter systems and have found very little magic in most any of them. But there is now a seamless gutter system that keeps almost all dirt from clogging gutters, downspouts and drain systems.  Because of their unique one-piece, seamless design, seamless gutter systems eliminate clogs and allow water to flow freely. Designed for homeowners who are concerned about the dangers of falling off ladders or roof-tops while cleaning their gutters, seamless gutter systems deflect debris from nearby trees including pine needles, leaves, and small branches.

Not Magic, Science

This system for gutter protection is one based on surface tension and the water adhesion principle.

What is the Effect of Surface Tension?

Surface Tension is the property of water that can cause it to behave almost magnetically and cling to a surface. If you have ever seen a penny float in water, that is surface tension hard at work.

Of course many variables go into the surface tension property of a liquid such as, temperature, type of liquid, surface etc. Water at 0 C has a surface tension of 75.64 as the water becomes warmer the surface tension decreases.

Surfactants or “self acting agents” can change how surface tension responds. For example detergents, paints, inks are all surfactants. So it’s not just about design but also the materials that are used.

Although it isn’t magic, it’s a darn good gutter protection system.

You can sit back, relax, and watch your neighbor climb up and down his ladder. Now, shouldn’t you really tell him about the advantages of installing gutter guards?