Ask Before You Buy Gutters

Gutters and Downspouts are silent workhorses that protect your home from decay, rot and structural compromise. Often times the astute homeowner will discover the need for gutters immediately during or after a rainstorm—wet basement, wet crawl space, pooled water at the outside wall of the home.

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Do your gutters come with a lifetime transferable warranty?

MLG (Minnesota Leafless Gutter) ANSWER: Installs come with a LIFETIME TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY at no extra cost to you.

Do you carry work comp and the state mandated minimum liability insurance?

MLG ANSWER: We carry insurance above and beyond what the state of Minnesota requires and we are registered with the Secretary of State.

What quality components and material do you install?

MLG ANSWER: We always use the best and highest quality material and components on every job—no exceptions. MN Leafless Gutters exceeds the industry standards.

Do you install gutter apron or gutter flashing where it’s necessary?

MLG ANSWER: We use gutter apron on every gutter job when necessary at no extra charge.

Do you install the largest size downspouts?

MLG ANSWER: We install the biggest downspouts possible on each gutter job, unless the customer requests something different.

What thickness of gutter protection do you install?

MLG ANSWER: We install the heaviest gauge metal in the industry: 24 gauge steel, .032 gauge aluminum, or 12 oz. copper. MN Leafless Gutters has over 115 colors to choose from.

Does your gutter top protection have external brackets, slots, and screens, or is it very bulky looking?

MLG ANSWER: Our leafless gutter top is a true helmet with internal brackets. There are no screens or slots—just a constant rain gap that keeps debris out. The gutter helmets are not bulky and eliminate the need to clean out leaves and debris.

Am I going to need to mortgage my home, sign my life away and give you a deposit if I hire you?

MLG ANSWER: It’s very affordable—you pay for the sheet metal, the fabrication, and the install by Tim Hanson. No down payment, we build first!