Ice Dam Season

ice-dam-gutterIts official, we are now entering Ice Dam Season and time will tell if St. Paul, MN homes are in for a bad one like in previous winters. The frozen icicles may look magical like in an animated movie but they can be a sign of something much more sinister taking place on your roof. Ice Dam Damages can be far-reaching and very costly. The experts at Minnesota Leafless Gutters are offering some ice dam prevention tips.

How Ice Dams Are Formed

Heat that escapes through the roof can cause temperatures to reach 32 degrees and melt snow. The melting snow runs down the slope of the roof. The outer edges of the roof (eaves), reach beyond the living space and are therefore usually below freezing. This causes the snowmelt to freeze and turn into a dam of ice. When more water runs down and hits the ice dam, it has nowhere to go and starts to run under the shingles.

Another mitigating factor for ice dam formation is snow. Heavy snow cover on a roof acts as an insulator that causes a roof to stay warmer. The warmer temperatures melt more snow and ice dam damage damages can occur. Clogged gutters add to the problem by preventing water from escaping through downspouts.

Ice Dam Damages

The damages caused by ice dams can cost a St. Paul homeowner thousands of dollars to repair. When water penetrates the roofing components and seeps into walls and ceilings there can be substantial water damage.

  • Water Stains on ceilings and walls
  • Wet Insulation that becomes less efficient
  • Mold and Mildew
  • Fire Hazard from water leaking into electrical component
  • Wet basements and damaged flooring
  • Structural Damage from water penetrating woodwork

Ice Dam Prevention Tips

The best way to Prevent Ice Dams is by preventing heat from escaping through your roof. This is best achieved by having a professional contractor determine how much insulation is sufficient for your attic space. Adequate insulation is needed to keep household heat from escaping into the attic space.

Proper ventilation is just as important as adequate insulation. Check that roof vents are not being blocked by insulation or any other material. Adding a ridge vent may help the situation.

Make sure you have good weather stripping around attic entrances to prevent heat from escaping into the attic. Check that flashing around vents and chimneys are in good condition and secured well. Also, inspect your chimney for gaps that can cause heat loss.

Cleaning your Gutters and installing Gutter Covers will help to mitigate water away from your home and help to prevent ice dams form forming. Removing heavy snow from the roof greatly reduces your chances of getting ice dams.

Prevent Ice Dams From Forming

Minnesota Leafless Gutters provides ice dam prevention measures including professional snow removal. We offer ice dam prevention tips for St. Paul, MN residents who are concerned about incurring ice dam damages. The good news is that the same actions that prevent ice dam formation will also help to lower your energy costs.

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