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The two most common gutter styles found on homes today are K-style and Half-Round gutters. K-style’s were more common in the 1960’s, but with technologies today both have now been made affordable! Both are sufficient for Minnesota seasons, but depending on your homes exterior architecture one may look more appealing than the other.

Gutter Styles Available for Your Home

K-Style Gutters

K-style gutters have a crown molding appearance that gives a framed look to the roof and exterior walls of the home, providing a better fitted appearance for most of today’s architectural trends as they account for upwards to 80% of gutters. Given the same diameter equivalent, K-style gutters are also able transport larger volumes of water compared to half-round gutter.

Half-Round Style Gutters

Installation of half-round gutter systems is growing in popularity. The unique look that they provide is for the homeowner who wants a styling accent that is distinctive, simple, classic and elegant. Half-round gutters are now available in the same wide variety of colors that can be found in k-style gutters. One advantage to half-round gutter systems is that all water drains completely out after a rainfall.

Gutter Materials Suited for Minnesota

At Minnesota Leafless Gutters we specialize in using enduring materials suited for Minnesota’s extreme seasons. We use the heaviest gauge metal in the industry – whether you choose aluminum, steel or copper – and we do not install vinyl as its lifespan is limited in Minnesota’s cold winters. Finding the material and perfect color to match your home will be easy with us!

Aluminum Gutter Materials

Aluminum has become a popular choice due to cost and the fact that is can be made from post-consumer and recycled material. Aluminum gutters are available in many different finishes and colors. They are relatively low cost, resist corrosion, and can last for 15 years or more if not damaged by ladders or storms. Warranties on coatings are common.

Steel Gutter Materials

Steel gutters are available in a plain galvanized or enamel finishes and a wide variety of colors. Steel gutters are prone to rusting and should be painted or factory coated, never left as bare metal. Steel gutters last on average about 15 years. Steel is a good choice for gutter in northern states with snow and ice conditions as steel gutters can bear a much heavier load than aluminum.

Copper Gutter Materials

Copper does not rust or corrode. If properly maintained, you can expect copper gutters to last at least 50+ years. Copper is the best quality metal that can be used—it is the most durable and the longest lasting material available for gutters.

Leafless Gutter Systems MN

A great solution to all the leaves, seeds and other debris clogging your gutters is gutter covers. We offer gutter covers in all the materials and colors we use, and they can be installed on pre-existing gutters as well. Your home or building will look great while being protected from damage and you will never have to climb up on a ladder again! Fits Existing Gutters

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