Seamless Aluminum Gutter System MN

Gutter systems can be made from a variety of materials including wood, steel, copper, or PVC.  Aluminum has become a popular choice due to cost and the fact that is can be made from post-consumer and recycled material. It is not always the right choice for northern climates.

Why Aluminum Gutters?

One of the biggest reasons a homeowner considers aluminum gutters is to combat the common problem of rust. However, when properly maintained and used under normal circumstances, aluminum gutters will not rust or corrode like other metal systems. Versatility of aluminum gutters

Some homeowners would like their gutters to match their homes. Since you can easily paint aluminum gutters in the colors you want, that’s a relatively easy task. However, there are some other types of gutters which can’t be painted. This leaves less room for personalization.

While quite versatile, aluminum gutters are not as expensive as you might think. These gutters are lightweight and can be easily installed which makes the material quite cost-effective compared with other systems.

Aluminum gutters are available in a variety of styles. One of the most popular gutter styles is seamless gutters. Seamless aluminum gutters can cut down on leaks since much of the gutter length is a single piece. This means the material permits fewer cracks (or seams) for the water to leak through.

Aluminum gutters are available in many different finishes and colors. They are relatively low cost, resist corrosion, and can last for 15 years or more if not damaged by ladders or storms. Warranties on coatings are common.

When choosing aluminum gutters, be sure to consult with multiple vendors, as not all style, design and price options will be the same.

Disadvantages of Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum expands twice as much as steel and 50 percent more than copper. In equal gauges aluminum is not as strong as steel or copper. In lighter thicknesses aluminum can be dented more easily than other gutter materials. They do not hold up against storm damage as well as stronger metals.

Aluminum gutters, downspouts, and gutter covers may be just the right choice for your application and budget.

Installing Aluminum Gutters

If you have experience with installation, you may be able to do the work yourself to save some money on the project. However, to get the best installation, we recommend you work with a professional company who know exactly how to do the job and can warranty their work.

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