Copper Gutters MN

Did you just splurge on copper gutters for your home?  Now you’ve got these top of the line jewels shedding water from your roof, you’re probably wondering how long before they turn to that beautiful, rustic green patina. This is called the patina process. The copper oxidizes and turns green.

The answer is…. It all depends. The Statue of Liberty didn’t turn green overnight, but there are factors involved in the oxidation process.

Why Does Copper Turn Green?

This unique characteristic of copper is completely natural and is often referred to as the “patina” – which referrers to the way copper changes color and turns green as it ages.  This natural process actually preserves the copper and protects it from the outside elements.

The patina process of copper is completely natural and one of the big draws for people who like its look. The natural weathering cycle of copper is illustrated by the 12 sequential color plates in the Weathering Chart below.  

Factors That Affect Copper Patina Process:

  • Moisture and Humidity
  • Original condition of the copper. Should be installed with gloves to prevent oils on your gutter.
  • Nitrate levels and pollutants in the rain and atmosphere. The higher the better in this case!
  • Typically patina forms on gutters before downspouts due to their horizontal position.
  • Where you live.

New Copper 2 Years 4 Years 5 Years 10 Years 25 Years

Patina is formed from the oxidation that occurs with copper and the atmosphere. The corrosion or green tint film that occurs is actually very minimal.  It virtually leaves the copper unaffected for strength and durability unlike rust which breaks down other metals. Thus the popularity of using copper in outdoor applications like Copper Gutters, Downspouts, and Gutter Covers.

Urban areas generally speed up the process due to the level of pollutants. Homes in the northeast generally add patina easily.  If you cannot wait for mother nature to run its course, there are several formulas for creating your own patina.

Professional Rain Gutter Installation MN

A copper gutter project is still going to be significantly more expensive than an aluminum or steel project because of the   difficulty of the install.  But when properly installed, few things will add “splash” to an exterior like they do.

Installing copper gutters can be tricky, because the lengths of copper will need to be soldered together for a snug fit. Copper gutters aren’t something you just buy off the shelf – they require particular expertise of a professional that is familiar with this system to measure and install them properly.  Some people prefer to leave installation to professionals who are experienced at copper gutter installation, because mistakes with copper can get very expensive.