Custom Made Seamless Gutters and Gutter Covers

Gutters and downspouts – the vertical sections that send runoff down to the ground – are made out of aluminum, vinyl, galvanized steel, stainless steel and copper.  Wood is also an option, but wood gutters are rare, except for restoration work.  Copper is another material usually reserved for classic restorations.  It is handsome, never rusts and never needs painting.  But they are also expensive.

Sectional vs. Seamless

K-Style Gutters

All gutters are either sectional or seamless (or continuous).  Sectional gutters are sold in pieces and installed as component systems.  All do-it-yourself gutter systems are sectional, though professionals install these, too.  The sections themselves can be over 20 ft. long each or cut to any size with a hacksaw.  Snap-in-place connectors join gutter sections to each other and to downspouts.

Half-Round Gutters

All sectional systems have end caps, corner pieces and drop outlets for connecting to downspouts.  The drawback to sectional systems is that all those seams can eventually invite leaksSeamless gutters won’t leak at seams because there are none; sections join only at inside and outside corners and at downspout outlets. That’s why they are the most popular configuration.  Seamless gutters, made of aluminum, galvanized steel or copper, are extruded to custom lengths on site using a portable machine.

Sizes and Shapes

Most gutters come in several sizes and shapes called profiles.  These include U shapes as well K configurations, in which the ogee-shaped front looks like the letter K.  Gutter channels are available in 4–, 5– or 6–in. diameters; 5–in.  Ks are the most common.  You will also find downspout choices that include 2X3–in. or 3X4–in. rectangular shapes, as well as 3– or 4–in. round pipes. Particularly in leafy areas, use larger downspouts, which minimize clogs.

Professional Gutter Installation MN

Gutters are definitely not something that can be looked at with a one size fits all approach; when you’re choosing gutters, make sure that you know what your options are and which will be best for your needs – and make sure that you’ve got the right Minnesota Gutter Company installing them.

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