Seamless Gutters and Gutter Guards Minneapolis MN

Seamless gutters have been getting national recognition for being the most popular gutters that can be installed on a home. Seamless gutters are also known as “continuous gutters” don’t have the “seams” that traditional gutters have. When you take a look at traditional gutters, you will see that there are many seams and joints along the roof line. The maximum span is around 10 feet before you see a seam, but these spans can actually be less than that depending on the design of your roof.

The reason why these seams exist is because the spans have to connect to one another somehow. They sometimes have folds or they may be attached by a sealant. This is true with metal and vinyl gutters. When those seals go bad, then the gutters can leak. With seamless gutters, that does not occur in that manner.

Avoid Leaks With Seamless Gutter and Gutter Guards

One of the main and most important benefits of seamless guttering is that it helps prevent leaks. Traditional gutters with joints have more of a tendency to leak at the joints and seals over time. Weight from the rain and snow can also weaken the joints and cause leaks. Over time, gutter leaks can cause damage to your home’s siding, foundation and landscaping. The leaks can also cause puddles of water to accumulate exactly where you don’t want them – on your patio, along the foundation,  and other places where you walk.

Seamless Gutters Reduce Damage To Your Home

Seamless gutters, on the other hand, do not have this problem. These gutters are made from one continuous piece of guttering customized to fit the length of your home. As a result, there are no joints or connections that can weaken and start to leak. When installed professionally, seamless gutters reduce the chance of water leaking around you home and causing inconvenient puddles or major damages.

As for how this is possible, Seamless Gutter Systems utilize a special machine that folds a continuous roll of the gutter material that fits your particular gutter profile. In the end, the only seams you have are where your downspouts and corners are.

Minnesota Rain Gutters and Gutter Guards

If you do not want to have to deal with gutter cleaning twice a year or if you do not want the chore to be as hard to complete, one option is to install some kind of gutter protection or gutter guard system.

One very popular system for gutter protection is one based on surface tension and the water adhesion principle. A guard extends from your roof over your gutters to the edge and leaves only a small opening precisely engineered to allow only water to enter your gutters. The surface tension of the water makes it adhere to the gutter protection system longer than the debris and as the debris falls over the edge and falls away, the water enters the gutter system and is carried safely away by your downspouts. They can be installed with your new seamless gutter system or onto your existing gutters, in most cases.

Your home or building will look great, be protected from water damage, and you’ll never have to climb a high ladder to clean out leaves and debris!  Leafless gutter systems are available in ever color and will beautifully match your home.