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In Minnesota, hail storms are not that uncommon and many homeowners visually see hail several times during the year.  That is the case in the Midwest, where the last few weeks have resulted in elevated hail activity.  Hail damage is one of the most expensive fixes for homeowners and insurance companies.  Hail can vary in size dramatically, falling as small as the size of tiny pellets, or as large as baseballs.

Most people are somewhat aware of the damage hail can cause, in particular the larger variety of hail that is notorious for damaging homes and denting cars.  This awareness doesn’t always fully translate into the impact a hail storm can have on your roof and gutters.  While you can visually see the damage to your car after a hail storm, you can’t always see the damage to your roof and gutters.  Damage to your shingles, gutters, and siding can be difficult to see and detect.  The damage you can’t see can put the longevity of your gutters at risk.

Though seamless gutters greatly reduce the risk and frequency of clogs, gutter repair is sometimes needed after damage caused by a storm, impact, or high winds.

We also offer gutter covers. They will help to keep the leaves and sticks from clogging your gutters and prevent water damage and basement flooding.

Several major hailstorms have recently struck the area and your home may have sustained damage.  Homeowners with qualifying damage are receiving new roofs, siding and gutters from their home insurance companies.

Insurance companies advise customers whose homes have been damaged by hail and storms to select a contractor that is experienced in storm damage repair, has operated in the area for several years, is bonded and insured.  You should file your claim as soon as you think you might have damage.

Insurance companies hire professionals during the storm damage claims process, you should too!

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