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The outlook for home remodeling in the year ahead is the best it’s been in almost a decade, and homeowners are wondering what will give the most bang for your buck at resell time. This year exterior improvements performed better than interior ones, owing to the necessity of maintaining a home’s “curb appeal.”

Exterior Home Improvements For Curb Appeal

Making exterior home improvements not only increases the “curb appeal” of your home, but also boosts its resale value. When multiple TV shows can be built around this one subject, it’s a pretty good indication of its importance. Curb appeal is what attracts potential buyers into your home and underestimating its importance to the value of a home is a big mistake many homeowners make.  Most people concentrate so much on interior home improvements that the exterior is all but forgotten. Installing new seamless gutters and gutter guards can fill the bill!

There is something else you need to know about curb appeal: You have seven to ten seconds to make a first impression… Make it a lasting one for all the right reasons!

Gutters Will Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Improve home value by updating your gutters – it’s both critical to the structural integrity of your roof and a way to enhance the look of your house. Cracked, old-looking, or hanging gutters are a red flag to home buyers. Inspect your gutters carefully and replace them if they look old or damaged in any way. Upgrading your old gutters to a material like steel or copper adds an upscale look to your home in addition to improving functionality.

Is installing gutters and gutter guards on your home improvement list this year? Or your old gutters just need to be replaced? Contact a Minneapolis MN gutter contractor to help you make the most of your home improvement dollars!

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