Preparing Your Gutters For April ShowersEveryone has heard the old saying that “April showers bring May flowers,” but the reality is that April showers marks the beginning of the storm season and that spells lots of rain. Though Minnesota historically sees the heaviest rainfall in June, the onset of Spring and the rainy season is a great time to look at the condition of your home’s gutter system. Following the heavy snowfall amounts in the winter and the associated melting, your gutters may need cleaning or minor repairs. Damage could have occurred during the winter months from ice dam formations or even the use of roof rakes to remove snow. In any case, damages or clogs that go un-repaired going into the rainy spring and summer months can spell larger repair costs down the road.

Clean The Gutter System Thoroughly

Your gutters should be cleaned twice a year—once in the spring and once in the fall. However, if you have a lot of trees on your property, especially pine trees, they’ll need more frequent cleanings every three months or so. While tempting, it’s best not to clean gutters right after a storm. Instead, wait a few days to let the debris dry out, making for easier removal.

Inspect Gutters For Signs Of Damage

While you’re cleaning, look for damage to your gutters, including holes, corrosion, missing fasteners, and cracks. Also keep an eye out for sections that are sagging, pulling away from the fascia, or creating water damage on the area beneath the gutters. Standing pools of water indicate the slope of your gutters needs to be corrected to 1/4-inch per every 10 feet.

Consider Calling Professionals To Inspect And Repair Your Gutters

Because the gutter system is a vital part of the protection of your home and foundation, it may be wise to let the professionals handle inspections, cleaning, and repairs. A small crack in the gutter trough or a clog in a downspout that goes unnoticed can cause bigger problems down the road, such as foundation issues and damages to soffits and roofing materials. Consider, too, the safety issues surrounding ladder usage.

The professionals at Minnesota Leafless Gutters are trained and certified to provide quality inspection, repair, and replacement services. Serving the Minneapolis-St. Paul and surrounding areas, Minnesota Leafless Gutters can inspect your gutter system and offer an estimate of any repair or replacement that needs to be completed. Minnesota Leafless Gutters is also a licensed and insured professional roofing contractor too, giving you convenience and peace of mind, knowing that your gutter and roofing work will be completed at the time, by the same reputable company. Call us at (612) 221-0362 or contact us online today to schedule an inspection and onsite consultation.