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The design of gutter and downspout assemblies is an area of building design which demands special attention. Leaking or clogged gutters and downspouts can cause serious damage to a building’s interior as well as exterior, and repairs can be expensive.

Maintenance, durability and longevity are important factors to consider when designing gutters and downspouts. Copper is an intelligent choice of materials because of its low maintenance, high resistance to corrosion and long life.  Even in severe climates, a well designed copper gutter and downspout assembly will provide many years of low maintenance service.

Other metals used in gutter and downspout assemblies require frequent repainting or recoating to maintain their durability. Copper is an inherently corrosion resistant material which does not require special coatings to maintain its durability or its appearance.

The ease with which a material can be joined to form a continuous, leak-free water conductor is also important. Copper’s inherent properties make it an easy material to form and solder.  Thus, strong leak proof joints are readily achievable with copper.

Metal roller technology has made it possible to have seamless copper gutters. Seamless copper gutters are more affordable than the older more labor intensive copper systems of the past. Seamless copper gutters do not require expensive upkeep like the older systems. With proper maintenance, copper gutter systems can last over 50 years.

Discover The Lasting Distinction Of Copper Gutters

Copper has been used in making gutters for years and still provides a beautiful look and long lasting rain management system.  Depending you your local climate copper gutters will first turn from the bright orange to a dull brown.  At around five years old your gutter will begin to achieve the patina that aged copper is known for.  This is called the “patina process.” The copper oxidizes and turns green.  And with each and every passing year,  it reaches new levels of patina, enhancing an already stunning visual appeal.

Copper does not rust or corrode. Seamless copper gutters eliminate the need that exists in older systems to re-solder leaking joints and transitions. If properly maintained, you can expect copper gutters to last at least 50+ years. Copper is the best quality metal that can be used—it is the most durable and the longest lasting material available for gutters. Copper does not require painting. As copper ages it develops a lovely patina. It is an extremely low maintenance product. Copper will never rust and is well suited for every environment.

Natural Weathering Color Chart

If you can’t wait for nature to run its course, there are chemicals that can create this patina effect if applied properly.

The installation of copper gutters in Minnesota requires experience because they need to be installed right.  These are not gutters that you can buy off of a store shelf.  These are gutters that are crafted by a machine that creates the gutter system to fit the exact gutter profile of your home.  An experienced Minnesota gutter installer can take care of this for you.

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