Install Seamless Gutters On Your Minnesota Home

When considering new rain gutters, a homeowner must take several things into account: among them, price, aesthetics and how the rain gutter needs to perform depending on the area in which they live.  Does the area have extreme temperatures, heavy snow and rain, or ice storms?  Are there a lot of trees in the vicinity?  All these questions need to be taken into consideration when deciding on what type of rain gutter system to install.

Types Of Gutters

Two main gutter types available today: Sectional and Seamless


Sectional gutters are sold in 10- to 22-feet long pieces.  They are made of vinyl, painted aluminum or prepainted steel.  Gutter sections are joined together by snap-in-place connectors.  All sectional systems have end caps, corner pieces and drop outlets for connecting to downspouts. The negative to sectional systems is that there is a potential for leaks through all those seams. One positive is that they can be installed by either the homeowner or by a professional installer.


Seamless gutters are the most popular type today.  This type of rain gutter is quickly becoming a favorite choice due to its durability, seamless appearance and easy maintenance.

This is a no-clog system which catches and routes water down and out while diverting leaves and debris to the ground. The biggest selling point is that they don’t have any seams which could potentially leak.  The sections join only at inside and outside corners and at downspout outlets.  Seamless gutters are usually formed from aluminum that has a baked-on finish, but they may be made from copper or factory-painted steel.  They are made with a special machine that’s brought to your home by a gutter contractor.  These types of gutters cannot be installed by do-it-yourselfers.

Two main gutter styles available today: Half-Round or K-Style

Other styles of gutters have been used over the many years of home and building construction, but today the most common are the half-round gutters and the K-style gutters. The half-round are more common in older construction, and since the 1960’s the K-style are the most common. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Newer fabrication technologies have made both affordable. Minnesota Leafless Gutters customizes both seamless gutter styles on site to perfectly fit your home or building.

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