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WOW… July was HOT, and August is coming in even hotter. It was 15F degrees cooler in the deserts of southern California than it was in Minnesota this week. Two record highs in a row. No doubt about it, the past year has brought some strange weather. And now comes word that the 2014 Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a very cold and snowy winter for much of the USA.

2013-2014 Winter

They’re using a very strong four-letter word to describe this coming winter, which is C-O-L-D!  The almost 200-year-old almanac again comes out Monday, and the AP reports it’s predicting a harsh winter, one that could even bring a blizzard to the first outdoor Super Bowl in years.

I know it may be hard to believe, but another summer is almost history. It’s just a matter of time before another Minnesota winter arrives with a vengeance (probably sooner than later). Winter may still seem a long way off, but eventually the snow is going to fly. We all know that there’s a great deal to be done before winter comes knocking again.

Although many of us consider fall a time to relax and watch football, don’t pick up the remote until you’ve done the nasty chore of cleaning the goop out of the gutters. Even a small amount of debris can prevent them from doing their job and cause water to backup and spill over the top which will ultimately lead to damage to your home’s foundation, roof, siding, soffit, fascia and landscaping or even basement flooding.

Also, keeping your gutters clear will ensure that your gutters drain properly as the winter sun warms your rooftop and causes snow melt (it’s this very snow melt that can lead to ice dams).  Yikes!

Seamless Gutter System

Clogged Gutters… YUK!

Forget the dangerous ladder and scooper to get all those leaves out. Now there is a seamless gutter system that keeps almost all dirt from clogging gutters, downspouts and drain systems. Because of their unique one-piece, seamless design, seamless gutter systems eliminate clogs and allow water to flow freely. Designed for homeowners who want to move away from the weekend hassle of cleaning your gutters to enjoying weekend football, seamless gutter systems deflect debris from nearby trees including pine needles, leaves, and small branches. GUARANTEED!

The only thing you have to worry about is finding the style, appropriate size, and perfect color that matches, blends or compliments your home’s color and fits within your budget. Even that has been made easy due to the fact that gutters are made from different types of materials appropriate for the cold temperatures of a Minnesota winter. Plus, newer fabrication technologies have made them affordable. Sweet!

Contact an experienced Bloomington Minnesota gutter contractor. You will be surprised at how much time can be saved allowing you more free time to watch football this winter instead of worrying about the gutters.

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Tim Hanson
Owner, Minnesota Leafless Gutters

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