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Home ownership is, and I hope will always be part of the American dream. It is also one of the largest investment most of us will ever make. So it just makes sense to do everything we can to keep it in tip top shape. Not only to keep it looking good, but to maintain it’s value! In fact, a poorly maintained home could lose 10% of its appraised value. That’s a $15,000-$20,000 adjustment for the average home.

Plus, good maintenance can even add value. A study out of the University of Connecticut and Syracuse University finds that regular maintenance increases the value of a home by about 1% each year. And if you expect to sell your home in the next few years, home maintenance should be even higher on your priority list.

Keep in mind that appraisers factor in your property’s economic age — the number of years a house is expected to survive — when valuing your home. Routine maintenance positively affects this estimate. Remember, first impressions matter. A potential buyer can be deterred by chipped or fading paint, sagging gutters and worn carpet. Don’t wait until you’re ready to sell your property to maintain it!

Focus on Your Home’s #1 Enemy

clogged gutters can cause foundation damage

Clogged gutters can cause foundation damage

If you focus on nothing else, focus on moisture… your home’s #1 enemy.

Water can destroy the integrity of your foundation, roof, walls, and floors — your home’s entire structure. So a leaky gutter isn’t just annoying; it’s compromising your foundation.

Keeping moisture at bay will improve your home’s effective age — or as Dr. Oz would say, “real age” — and protect its value. It’ll also help you prioritize what you need to do. Here’s how:

* When it rains, actively pay attention. Are your gutters overflowing? Is water flowing away from your house like it should? Is water coming inside?

* After heavy rains and storms, do a quick inspection of your roof, siding, foundation, windows, doors, ceilings, and basement to spot any damage or leaks.

* Repair any damage and address any issues and leaks ASAP. Water will go about its evil in more places than you can imagine. Much of the trouble that water causes goes unseen until too late. Water doesn’t necessarily wave a red flag as it runs into your home and does its damage. It’s very, very sneaky that way!

Water Damage

Clogged Gutters... Yuk!

Clogged Gutters… Yuk!

Water damage accounts for a quarter of all US homeowner’s insurance claims. The average cost of water damage claims nearly top seven thousand dollars per case. Therefore managing where it goes (and where it doesn’t) is a critical concern of any good homeowner.


Gutters and downspouts collect and carry away rainwater that would otherwise run off the roof, splash down and erode the soil and stain the siding. More important, gutters and downspouts form the first line of defense against a wet basement or crawl space.

If you let water collect along the foundation, water will eventually find its way inside your house. Eventually problems will show up as expensive interior damages that can destroy ceilings, walls, floors, cause mold, and even cause concrete foundation cracks to appear.

A clean and properly functioning gutter system can save you from costly damage to both your roof and your basement. If you are unable to do your own gutter maintenance, repair or installation, there are Shoreview Minnesota gutter installers that can provide this service. This can be a particularly good choice for homeowners who have gutters that are difficult to reach, or who no longer feel physically comfortable doing the job themselves.

Gutter Guards

While annual inspection and maintenance of gutters is an important part of your home care routine, you can make the chore easier by installing gutter guards. They help keep debris out of your gutters and mean less work for you and fewer worries that something will go wrong. By ensuring that water flows freely from the roof, they prevent damage from backed up water and ice dams when snow starts to accumulate.

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