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Spring, believe it or not, is officially here and time to start making home improvements!  April showers may bring May flowers, but hard rain and blustery wind of April showers can also bring a lot of damage to your gutter system.

Ice forms from light snowfall melt off

After a few days of steady rain, when spring snow-melt occurs or during an extreme rainfall event, the soil around your home can become saturated with water. Steady snow-melt and precipitation can also raise the ground water level to a point where it is higher than your basement floor.

You may not think an inch of rainfall sounds like much. But when it falls on an average-size roof, it adds up to a 1,900-gallons gushing off the eaves of your home. That’s an awful lot of water that can cause an awful lot of damage if your gutters aren’t up to the task of controlling it.

Overflowing Rain Gutters send water in every direction!

Rain gutters are simply a home’s water management system. They are necessary to protect your home from its worst enemy…Water. Not having gutters, or worse, having clogged gutters direct water where it does not belong can result in costly repairs. When uncontrolled rain water pours directly from the roof to the ground it causes: erosion, weakens the foundation, and can lead to cracks in the drywall and wet basements or crawl spaces.

Clogged or overflowing gutters can lead to: siding damage, flooded landscaping, wood rot, pest and critter infestation, paint damage, roof damage, icy walkways and  ice dams in the winter and more. These problems are all easy to prevent with a free-flowing gutter system.

If your rain gutters and downspouts are working properly they will prevent roof and fascia board damage as well as prevent water damage and basement flooding by re-routing water a safe distance away from your foundation.

With seamless gutters, you do not have the seams that can break open and leak. Not only are you able to find seamless gutters in the same forms you can traditional gutters such as aluminum, elegant copper, and rugged steel, but they do last longer. They last longer because there are fewer pieces to have to deal with. Water is a very persistent element and seams just give it a way into your home.

Water that gets dammed up in the gutters finds the path of least resistance when it tries to drain and this often means it works right into the walls and ceilings of your house.

Wouldn’t you agree that installing a seamless gutter system on your home’s is probably one of the most effective spring home improvements you can do? It’s a wise choice indeed. An experienced Minnesota gutter contractor can help you.

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