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Rain gutters aren’t very glamorous and you probably never even notice them. They blend in to your home’s facade, so they are almost invisible… … until they don’t work!

Gutters are one of those things that work almost invisibly around your home to redirect rain away from your foundation and walls and thus prevent damage and unnecessary expense over time. 

Gutters Protect Your Home From Its Worst Enemy… WATER!

Water, and particularly the damage it causes, is the number one enemy of any home.

By collecting and carrying water safely away from the home, properly installed gutters protect the home in many ways.

  • Foundation problems – Problem gutters can dump gallons of water directly onto the ground next to the foundation of a house. This water can cause or complicate existing foundation settlement problems.
  • Landscape washout – Few things are more frustrating than watching the beautiful landscaping that you spent hundreds or thousands of dollars installing, get washed away because of poor rain drainage.
  • Undermined driveways, patios, and walkways – Excess water draining or accumulating near the house can erode the soil underneath driveways, patios, and walkways. As this underlying soil is washed away, so is the support provided for the driveway, patio, or walkway. The end result can range anywhere from settling or cracking to a complete collapse.
  • Damaged fascia, soffit, or outside wall – Non-existent, leaky, or poorly installed gutters can damage a house’s structural integrity by allowing water to penetrate and damage the fascia, soffit, or the actual framing of the house – causing thousands of dollars in damage.

    Mold can be a major health hazard to your family.

  • Termite colonies – Because termites need water to reproduce and thrive, gutters that dump excess water near the house encourage termite infestation.
  • Mosquitoes love standing water – Clogged gutters can also lead to stagnant water build up which allows mosquitoes to breed and also allows grasses and weeds to grow in the gutter
  • Clogged gutters cause water to overflow, often penetrating siding and foundations. The resulting mold can be a major health hazard to your family.

Gutter Styles: Half-Round or K-Style

Many styles of gutters have been used over the many years of home and building construction, but today the most common are the half-round gutters and the K-style gutters. The half-round are more common in older construction, and since the 1960’s the K-style are the most common. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Newer fabrication technologies have made both affordable. Minnesota Leafless Gutters customizes both seamless gutter styles on site to perfectly fit your home or building.

Cold forming technology exists to allow continuous gutters to be created, on site, in long individual lengths suitable to roof edge conditions, thereby reducing joints along the length of the gutter. These mostly joint free gutters are referred to as “seamless”, and available in various shapes, sizes, and finishes.

With seamless gutters, the contractor can make your gutters right on the spot. By pressing aluminum stock through a gutter machine, the shape and size is consistent and made to a perfect seamless length. Water is a very persistent element and seams just give it a way into your home.

Another way of ensuring your gutters work to their best is to install gutter guards. No longer will you need to spend hours perched on a latter pulling grimy muck out of your gutters. Gutter guards make cleaning gutters a thing of the past.

Rain Gutters for Your Home

Granted, rain gutters may not be exciting to think about, but when you realize how much money they can save you, you realize they deserve careful consideration.

If you do decide to have gutters installed, make sure that you know what your options are and which will be best for your needs – and make sure that you’ve got the right Plymouth Minnesota Gutter Company installing them.


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