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Rainwater management is critical to protecting your Minnesota home’s structural integrity, including the foundation, siding, paint, landscaping and decking. Unfortunately, rain gutters are an often-overlooked construction element. Whether you’re building a new home or restoring your older one, do your homework to determine which gutter material fits your needs and your budget.

Why Do I Need Gutters?

  • Clogged or leaky gutters are one of the biggest causes of basement leaks, mold and other foundation problems, standing water in gutters is one of the common places mosquitos breed.
  • Damaged fascia, soffit, or outside wall. Leaky gutters can cause damage to a house’s structural integrity by allowing water to damage the fascia, soffit, or wood framing of the house.
  • Landscape washout. Many homeowners have experienced damaged landscaping caused by gutter problems.
  • Undermined driveways, patios, and walkways. Excess water flowing into the ground near the house can erode the dirt directly beneath driveways, patios, and walkways. As the dirt is washed away, the driveway, patio, or walkway is no longer fully supported and can settle, crack, or even collapse. If you have already experienced this type of damage, fix the gutter or downspout problem before replacing or repairing the driveway, patio, or walkway.

What Type Of Gutters Should I Get?

First of all, you must ensure that the gutters you are purchasing will be durable and that they will last a long time. We recommend seamless gutters and downspouts. Seamless gutters is the keyword here, seams often begin to leak over time. With a seamless gutter manufactured on site with our gutter truck, you’ll get continuous runs of gutter so that there won’t be glued or caulked seams in the middle.

Material Options For Your Home

When choosing the rain gutter material best suited for your Minnesota home, consider cost, aesthetics, durability and maintenance. The following is a basic guide to common gutter materials and their features:

Finding the style, appropriate size, and perfect color that matches, blends or compliments your home’s color and personality has become an easy process. Selecting gutters that fit within your budget has also been made easy due to the fact that gutters are made from different types of materials. Over the years gutters have been made from vinyl, aluminum, steel, copper, and even wood!

At Minnesota Leafless Gutters we specialize in gutters and downspouts made from enduring materials appropriate for the extreme Minnesota weather. We use the heaviest gauge metal in the industry—for both residential and commercial. We do not install vinyl as its lifespan is limited in the cold temperatures of a Minnesota winter.

Call us today and discover the quality of our products and services, and also why Tim has become known as “The House Doctor” whose knowledge and standards of service can always be counted on.

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