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As one of the leading St Paul Minnesota’s gutter installers, we are often asked by potential clients about seamless gutters. Seamless gutters were introduced back in the 1950s and are now the most popular gutter type sold. In fact, if you drive around, especially in newer neighborhoods, you will see that the majority of homes have seamless gutters installed.

Keep Water Where It Belongs—Outside Your House!

They have gained in popularity over traditional gutters because they are very effective at doing what gutters are meant to dokeeping water where it belongs – Outside Your House and away from the foundation and sides of your home!

Dripping water from an open rain gutter

Water, in the wrong place, is our homes’ worst enemy.  Water can increase the weight of your gutters which, in turn, causes the gutters to pull away from your home’s structure. This causes water to get into the wood and damage it or even cause an infestation of mold.  Therefore, your number one priority as a homeowner is to keep water where it belongs.

A good gutter system is meant to collect the water from your roof and disperse it so it doesn’t cause damage. The best gutters will protect your roof, home foundation, driveways, and walkways from potential water damage. A seamless gutter system will do all these things very well, and they will add to the value and beauty of your home!

Rain Gutters Protect Your Home

Rain gutters protect your home from foundation problems, staining of masonry and siding, damage to landscaping and more. Uneven saturation of the soil around your home’s foundation can cause the soil to heave as it expands and contracts. Heaving is a leading cause of foundation failure. In areas with loose soil, the runoff from a rainstorm can literally wash away the soil around your home exposing the foundation. Read on for more ways gutters protect your home and prevent this from happening to you.

Traditional gutter come in 10 foot lengths.  This means when traditional gutters are installed there are seams, a potential source of leaks every 10 feet. Water is a very persistent element and seams just give it a way into your home.  If your house is 60 feet long on one side you would have five seams, and five potential leak points.  Plus, these seams are just plain ugly.

Seamless gutters are custom made to the dimensions of your home, and they have no seams on the straight edges. A professional St Paul Minnesota’s gutter installer will make your seamless gutters on site, using an advanced seamless gutter machine, and install them quickly and efficiently.  Because there are no seams, the 60 foot length previously mentioned would have five less potential leak points.

Even though these are called seamless gutters, it is important to note that there will be some seams in the system.  The corners and any down spout outlets will have seams, but these are still far less than the number of seams you would have in a traditional gutter installation.

These corner and down spout seams are secured and sealed to ensure that there will be no leaks.    A seamless gutter system is meant to withstand even the heaviest rains that Mother Nature throws our way.

*Water seeps into foundation, causing it to crack.
*Water also destroys landscaping beneath the drip line and causes backslash, which then stains the side of your home.

*Gutters collect the water and direct it away from the foundation of your home.

Ways Seamless Rain Gutters Protect Your Home

* MOISTURE CONTROL – Keep basements, crawl spaces, and garages dry and free of conditions that support mold and wood fungi growth by controlling roof drainage.

* FOUNDATION PROTECTION – Limit the movement of active zone soils underneath the foundation by reducing the amount of water that enters at the foundation wall.

* PROTECT BACK-FILL – Top soil around the foundation is the weakest link in foundation moisture control. Preventing topsoil erosion can help prevent future structural damage.

* SHIELD WINDOWS AND DOORS – Most durability issues arise from bulk water intrusion through windows and doors. Roof drainage will direct water away from sensitive areas.

* PROTECT PLANTS AND SHRUBS – Standing water in flower beds around the home can permit harmful plant fungi to develop as well as attract ants, roaches, and termites.

* PROTECT FASCIA – Water migration may cause rotting and insects that can be costly to repair. Quickly moving water away from rafter and roof joints is essential to a home’s long term durability.

* INCREASE ROOF OVERHANG – Rain gutters can add up to 6” of protective roof overhang, providing additional shielding of windows and doors, improving drying times and moisture levels.

* PREVENT SPLASH BACK – Rain gutters keep siding and masonry looking new by preventing splash back of dirt, grass, and minerals that stain the exterior and can be difficult to remove over time.

* DECORATIVE DETAIL– Rain gutters are not just functional. You can find seamless gutters made out of many different materials such as, aluminum, galvanized steel or copper that can accentuate the architecture of any home.  And, seamless gutters are available in every different color and style to match up perfectly with your home’s exterior.  The end result is an aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance, effective gutter system that will last for decades.

* RAINWATER COLLECTION – Collecting rainwater is the simplest way to water your lawn, plants, and foundation all the while contributing to water conservation goals.


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