Minnesota winter can wreak havoc on your roofWith Minnesota getting near-whiteout conditions and double the predicted snowfall throughout the season, it is making this winter the snowiest in almost 30 years and the second-snowiest on record — with a month left to go. As of February 20th, it showed Minneapolis with 12″ of snow and a season total of 73″.  And the worst part: March is usually our heaviest snow month.

All of this heavy snow and ice accumulation, coupled with a wave of roof collapses, have been leaving homeowners rushing to get rid of enough snow before their rooftops give way as well. With more snow predicted on the way, state officials across the state are urging homeowners to get their roofs and decks cleared to help prevent the likelihood of structural damage.

Why Get Snow Removed

Sure, the picturesque snow-capped house is very beautiful and charming, but it is a disaster waiting to happen. Snow carries a lot of weight, and that weight increases substantially when rain, ice and sleet are thrown into the mix. In fact, about 2 feet of snow on top of an average sized roof can be equivalent of 38,000 pounds, or 19 tons.

Not only can snow bring down the roof, but the melting of snow can cause water seepage, which can rot roofs, wreck insulation, flood attics, dismantle gutters, and destroy the interior of your home.

Let the Experts Remove the Snow

Removing snow from your roof is a very dangerous task, so you should think twice before jumping on the roof with a shovel. It is not a good idea to climb onto your roof to remove the buildup, as the weight of a single person might be just enough weight to cause the roof to collapse. Also, taking the wrong step on an icy roof can easily shoot you sliding down a slippery slope.

If you have snow on your roof that you need removed, call the experts at Minnesota Leafless Gutters today 612-221-0362!