Water Damage Prevention To The Exterior Of Your HomeAs we come out of another cold Minnesota winter, we are getting closer to the time when we assess any damage done to our homes during the last several months. Snow, ice, cold rain, and wind combine with prolonged cold temperatures to wear away at the exterior portions of our homes. The forces of nature wear away at the exterior of homes in all climates, but Minnesota’s is unique in that we experience the extremes of seasonal change differently than most other climates. Yes, we are known for having brutal winters and rainy springs. But we should not forget that the warmer weather months can also cause damage to our homes. The extremes of our seasons can be much harsher on our homes than those of other regions.

Importance Of An Effective Gutter System

A gutter system is integral to helping to give your home’s exterior a fighting chance to withstand the seasonal extremes. The main function of the gutter system is to move precipitation away from your house, and to prevent precipitation from getting inside your home where it can do its greatest damage. A properly installed gutter system will help prevent moisture build up on your roof and in your yard, even with prolonged periods of extreme weather.

The sad reality is that the gutter systems that are initially placed on houses tend to be lower in cost, but also lower in quality. They tend to break down in shorter periods of time than the systems available through Minnesota Leafless Gutters, and as a result, they create the conditions in which moisture gets under rooflines and causes damage to the interior of homes. Our gutter systems are strong and are designed to stand the test of time (and weather). They are much more effective than standard gutter systems.

Benefits Of Leafless Gutter Systems

Our low maintenance gutter systems prevent debris from clogging, which allows water to be more efficiently moved away from your house. When precipitation falls as snow and/or ice and builds up on your roof, the warmth of your home causes the frozen precipitation to melt upon contact. When the temperature drops, which can occur as a result of changing weather or the inevitable coming of darkness, liquid water refreezes and expands. The result is known as an ice dam, which can cause great damage to your roof. The refrozen precipitation literally forces itself under shingles and underlying layers of roof, and once it is exposed to the warmth inside your home, it liquifies again, causing leaks that can be extremely damaging.

Minnesota Leafless Gutters can help you avoid all of those potential issues. For more information, call us at (612) 221-0362.