Residential Roof Snow Removal

Ice Dam Removal MNThe thought of an Ice Dam can make even the heartiest Minneapolis, MN homeowners shutter. They are all too common during the long Minnesota winters and can cause thousands of dollars in damages. The long-term solution for ice dams is proper insulation and ventilation to prevent them from happening in the first place. Now that the snow season has already begun your best bet is to contact a Professional Ice Dam Prevention Services company. Minnesota Leafless Gutters has an experienced team of professionals that provide affordable and safe roof snow removal.

What Is An Ice Dam?

An ice dam may look harmless with the glistening icicles forming and hanging from eaves but danger lurks behind the frozen mass. The ice forms on the roof’s edge when water from melting snow drains down and runs into a dam caused by colder temperatures at the edge of the roof. The water has nowhere to go and seeks out an escape route.

Damage Caused By Ice Dams

All too often this dammed up water finds a way to penetrate the roofing materials and make its way into your home. Water can get into Walls, Ceilings, Carpets, Insulation and other areas of the home’s structure. A wet spot on the ceiling is a big warning sign that the damage has already been done. Mold problems can happen, following the water damage.

The weight from the large mass of ice can also cause significant damage to the exterior components of your home. This includes your Gutters, Siding, Downspouts and Roof.

Ice Dam Prevention And Solutions

There are things that Minneapolis, MN homeowners can do to prevent ice dams. Some ice dam prevention solutions can be handled by the homeowner and some are best left to a Licensed Building Contractor or a Professional Ice Dam Prevention Services provider.

  • Control the heat loss through your roof by adding the recommended amount of insulation.
  • Provide adequate ventilation to keep the heat from building within the attic.
  • Seal up leaks around doors and passageways leading to the attic space.
  • Repair or replace flashing around chimneys and roof vents.
  • Repair chimney damages that cause heat to escape.
  • Remove snow from the roof with a shovel or snow rake.
  • In an emergency situation, cut channels into the ice to allow water to drain off of the roof.
  • Clean leaves and other debris from gutters to allow melted snow to escape.
  • Make sure that all gutters are in good condition and secured to the home.

Professional Ice Dam Prevention Services

Minnesota Leafless Gutters is highly experienced in dealing with and preventing ice dams. We provide Roof Snow Removal that is efficient and will not cause damage to your Minneapolis, MN home. Our affordable ice dam prevention services can help you to relax and remain safe inside of your home.

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