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Ice Dam Removal

Ice Dam RemovalLate fall, winter, and even into spring can bring severe winter weather. In Minnesota, severe winter weather can bring with it the dangerous ice dam. Most Minnesota homeowners know all too well what an ice dam is, but if you are new to the state or have only ever lived in more temperate climates, you may not know what an ice dam is.

An ice dam is a solid block of ice that forms at the base of a house’s roof. It is the result of accumulated snow, which goes through a process of melting and refreezing Read Full Post

Importance Of Snow Removal From Rooftops

Importance Of Snow Removal From RooftopsWinter is right around the corner, and one issue that almost all homeowners face is snow piling up on their rooftops. While most roofs are designed to hold up to 20 pounds per square foot according to modern building codes, older structures and those with flat roofs may struggle under the weight of even moderate snow accumulation. And not all snowstorms are created equal. On average, relatively dry snow weighs around 5 pounds a foot, while wet snow can tip the scales at more than 20 pounds per foot! If you live in the St Paul Minnesota area and have snow on your roof give us a call today. We offer affordable snow and ice dam  removal services Read Full Post

Roof Snow Removal Company

Roof Snow Removal CompanyAs the pandemic continues and we spend more time at home during these winter months, it’s imperative now, more than ever, that we keep our home in good working condition. It’s no secret that Minnesota gets a lot of snow. With a constant plundering of snow throughout the winter months, having a consistent plan to protect your roof and your home is essential. At Minnesota Leafless Gutters, we want to be a part of your plan. Excess weight on your roof is not something you need to add to your list of disasters this year. So, let our experts here at Minnesota Leafless Gutters lift both the burden and the risk of heavy snow on your roof during the winter months. This will help prevent the ice dams that will form as in starts to warm up. Read Full Post

Ice Dam Removal in MN

Ice Dam Removal in MNAs the cold, frigid air moves in, we begin to think about what we need to do to prepare for winter. For many homes in Minnesota, ice dams quickly become a costly problem that can cause a tremendous amount of damage if left untreated. This winter, it’s important to know the right number to call should an ice dam start forming on your roof. At Minnesota Leafless Gutters, we can handle all of your ice dam needs Read Full Post

Roof Snow Removal A Must

Roof Snow RemovalYes, snow is all white and beautiful until your roof starts caving in and water starts dripping into your home. At Minnesota Leafless Gutters, we aren’t trying to be grinches. We can appreciate the beauty of a good snow fall. However, our line of work makes it quite obvious that snow fall isn’t always a good thing. When heavy snowfall hits, the excess weight on the roof can cause Read Full Post

Professional Roof Snow Removal MN

Professional Roof Snow Removal MN - Ice Dam RemovalIt’s always a beautiful sight when the first sign of snow hits the MN area each year. The question, though, is whether or not your roof is ready? When snow falls from the sky, it is very light, but as it accumulates it can add thousands of pounds to your roof. So, if your roof is weak, heavy snow accumulation could end up causing serious damage to your home. The best way to prevent any roof damage from occurring is to hire a professional to handle your roof snow removal needs. Read Full Post

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