Ice Dam Prevention And Removal Services St PaulAnd so, it begins again–another cold weather season that makes Minnesota, well, Minnesota. Most of us would like to be able to focus on the more pleasant things–cross country skiing, snowmobiling, spending time with family in front of a nice fire, ice fishing, ice hockey–rather than the realities of snow removal and ice dams and the damage they can do to our houses. In Minnesota, we know how to take the good with the bad, and the bad of ice dams is matched with the good of Minnesota Leafless Gutters.

Preventing Winter Roof Damage In St Paul Minnesota

In addition to providing a wide selection of gutter system styles that help your home more efficiently move water away from your house, we provide an essential ice dam removal service that addresses the unsavory reality that ice dams represent. When snow accumulates on the roof of a house, the layer that sits on the roof melts when it comes in contact with the relatively warm roof. Even in the coldest weather, your home radiates warmth that melts frozen precipitation. The constant back and forth of melting and freezing causes the frozen precipitation to expand and force its way under the shingles of your roof where, exposed once again to the warmer temperature of your house, it melts again and causes leaking into your attic, between the house frame and siding, and/or into your living space.

The ice that forms under the shingles can also do great damage to your roof. The ice is not only heavy, but also dense, which means that pressure can build that pushes with great force on joists and points of connection in the framing. Ice dams can be a true nightmare for homeowners. Minnesota Leafless Gutters can eliminate the ice dams that form on your roof and make sure that your home is protected from costly water damage.

Year-Round Gutter Services St Paul

Ice dams are more likely to form if a gutter system is clogged. Heavy snow that does not melt quickly enough and which cannot be moved away through the gutter system because of leaves and debris allows the snowmelt to ice up in the gutters. It does not take long for the accumulation of ice in gutters to force its way under shingles, where it does its damage. Better gutter systems all but completely solve the problem of ice dams, and Minnesota Leafless Gutters offers a variety of styles, materials, and colors of much more efficient gutter systems to virtually eliminate the possibility of ice dams forming. For more information, call us at (612) 221-0362 today!

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