Importance Of Snow Removal From RooftopsWinter is right around the corner, and one issue that almost all homeowners face is snow piling up on their rooftops. While most roofs are designed to hold up to 20 pounds per square foot according to modern building codes, older structures and those with flat roofs may struggle under the weight of even moderate snow accumulation. And not all snowstorms are created equal. On average, relatively dry snow weighs around 5 pounds a foot, while wet snow can tip the scales at more than 20 pounds per foot! If you live in or own a business that is located  in the St Paul Minnesota area, and have snow on your roof give us a call today. We offer affordable snow and ice dam  removal services.

Excess Snow Weight On Roofs

Snow adds significant weight to your rooftops. To calculate the snow load on your roof, assume that every inch deep of snow equals 1.25 pounds. Your equation for determining snow load, S x 1.25 = P, is straightforward math. S equals the depth in inches of the snow on your roof and P represents the pounds per square foot your roof is supporting. The max amount of snowfall that most modern roofs are equipped to handle is 18”.

Ice Dams

Ice dams also add significant weight to your rooftops. They are ridges of ice that form as melted snow refreezes and accumulates on your roof’s eaves. It is a reaction that starts with escaping heat from within your attic, which causes the snow to melt and refreeze once it hits 32 degrees again. The melting and refreezing causes ice dams to form, which let water pool on your roof once winter passes. This issue needs to be addressed immediately to prevent damage to your roofing system.

Using A Roof Rake

Never get up on a ladder or on your roof to remove snow. In addition to the hazard of slippery rungs, you would be adding weight to the heavy load your roof is already struggling under. If you have a pitched roof, you can use a long-handled rake to remove snow from your roof. But not just any rake will do; look for a long-handled roof rake. Scrape the excess snow (leaving a couple of inches) such that you avoid contact with the underlying shingles.

Professional Snow Removal

Minnesota Leafless Gutters is your trusted provider of residential rooftop snow removal. We have proudly served homeowners in St. Paul, Minneapolis and throughout Minnesota for over 18 years. If you decide to have a professional remove the snow from your roof, please call us today at 612-221-0362 to assist you!