Keeping Snow Accumulation Off Your RoofWinter is certainly leaving its mark this year. Snow accumulation on rooftops is a problem that many homeowners are contending with. According to modern building codes, roofs should be able to support up to 20 pounds per square foot; however, older, or flat roofs might not be as resilient. Not all snowstorms are created equal: dry snow typically weighs 5 pounds per foot while wet snow can weigh more than 20 pounds per foot!

Extra weight: Your rooftops are susceptible to snow accumulation. When calculating snow load calculations, remember that each inch of snow weighs 1.25 pounds; thus, S x 1.25 = P is the equation used to calculate snow accumulation: S is the height in inches of the snow on your roof, while P represents pounds per square foot supported. 18 inches is the maximum amount of snow modern roofs can handle at one time.

Ice dams: Your rooftops can become burdened by ice dams. These ridges of snow accumulate on your eaves from melting snow, caused by heat escaping from your attic. Once temperatures return to 32 degrees again, melting, and refreezing snow forms, leading to pooled water on your roof after winter ends. To prevent damage caused by this issue, it must be addressed right away.

Utilizing a roof rake: Never climb a ladder to remove snow from a pitched roof! Doing so could put your roof at additional risk due to slippery rungs. A long-handled rake with plenty of grip is ideal; don’t use one that is too short! Scrape away any excess snow, leaving some inches between each layer so that it does not come into contact with the shingles underneath.

Do-it-yourself snow removal can be hazardous if it involves ladders, heavy snowfall and slippery roofs. Hire a professional snow removal company or do it yourself; the costs of doing it yourself far outweigh any potential consequences such as leaky or collapsed roofing. No matter if the situation arises, act quickly before structural damage is caused by snow accumulation.

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