The licensed team at Minnesota Leafless Gutters are an expert in their trade. We offer quality seamless gutter installation, replacement, repair; we are also licensed and insured roofing contractors. Having said that, we have extensive knowledge about how to install, repair and take care of both residential and commercial roofs and all the accessories needed for proper function (gutters, fascia, soffits and downspouts). So, it’s only natural that we offer roof snow removal, ice dam prevention and ice dam removal to our Minnesota property owners.

How to Prevent an Ice Dam on your Minnesota Roof:

  • Ensure Attic has Proper Insulation
  • Make Sure Your Attic has Ventilation
  • Add to your Current Chimney’s Flashing
  • Keep Snow of the Roof (no snow = no possibilities of an ice dam)

Licensed Minnesota Roofing Contractor

As mentioned above, Minnesota Leafless Gutters is a licensed roofing contractor qualified to inspect, recommend and correct any issues you are unexpectedly facing with this new layer of snow or any more to come. We can remove the snow from your roof so that it is not able to turn into an ice dam, remove ice dam before it causes problems or remove an ice dam that has cause problems and assess the situation and complete the needed roofing, gutter, fascia, soffit or any other repairs needed.

Cost Effective Snow Removal Services

As experienced Minnesota professionals, we have seen a lot of cases and can tell you, without a doubt, that snow removal will be much more affordable, less labor intensive and the best way to prevent any major home damages. Contact us, we can complete a one-time snow removal service or set something up so that we come out to your home or business and remove the snow from your roof each and every time it falls.

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