Minnesota Leafless Gutters provide excellent snow-removal services for the people of Woodbury, Minnesota, and have done so for nearly two decades. Although Minnesota Seamless Gutters may be known primarily for our professional installation of seamless gutters, our staff also provide a wider range of services all year round. And in the middle of the harsh, cold Minnesota winter, when snow and ice can accumulate on roofs as well as on sidewalks and driveways, our team can remove those hazards quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly.

Importance Of Ongoing Snow and Ice Removal From Your Roof

The philosophy of the team of Minnesota Leafless Gutters is to provide professional, courteous, high quality service to each and every one of our customers. Snow build-up during the winter can be a huge problem for homeowners and business owners in Minnesota. Not only is the weight of the snow that accumulates on your roof a potential problem, the constant melting and refreezing of that snow can create ice dams. Ice dams form in traditional gutters when the accumulation of snow and ice forces itself under the lip of the roof of your house. As you can imagine, this can compromise the integrity of your roof. And, when moisture gets under the shingles of your roof, you may find a leak in your roof or worse, your entire roof may need to be replaced.

Protect Your Roof From Damage Woodbury, MN

Snow is frozen, crystallized water. Water is heavy. When it accumulates on your roof, in whatever form it falls, even the light, fluffy kind of snow can become problematic for your roof. With temperature fluctuations, the lightest kind of snow will compress, melt and refreeze, and become denser and therefore heavier, and when the temperature goes up a few degrees, melting will cause the snow to liquefy more, and during a long winter the process repeats multiple times. When water is present, the weight on your roof increases. That additional weight on your roof can cause serious structural damage. The snow-removal services offered by Minnesota Leafless Gutters can prevent that problem from occurring at all.

One square-foot of snow that is one-inch in depth weighs about a pound. This can equate to thousands of pounds on your roof after just a moderate Minnesota snowfall. Keeping your roof clear is very important to prevent damage to your roof and your gutter system. For more information about Minnesota Leafless Gutters snow removal services, call our team today at 612-221-0362.

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